1º.- Click on the top menu button “Order container”.

2º.- Select the desired container.

It is possible to add it directly to the shopping cart by clicking on the button with the “Add to cart” icon, or to have a more detailed view of the container, as well as dimensions and other special features of that service or the way it is used. To do so, click on the button with the “Detailed view” icon.
When you click on the “Add to cart” button, the system automatically redirects you to the “Orders” page, with the selected container added to your order. In this section you can finalize the order, or increase the number of containers required by applying the desired quantity, then click on the “Update order” button.
If you want to request a different container go back to the “Request container” page again, to select another one, which will also be added to your request list.
You can always browse your list of requests from the cart button on the main menu of the page.

3º.- To finalize the order click on “Finalize order”.

If you already have a customer account you can click on “Click here to log in” this will make your work much easier since the web will show you each time you log in, all your data and it will not be necessary to fill them in again. It will only be necessary to indicate each time, the shipping address if it is different from the billing or customer address.
If you have not yet applied your discount coupon, it may also be time to do so by clicking on “Click here to enter your coupon code”.
In case you do not have a customer account yet, you can place your order as a casual customer. In this case the customer data will not be permanently recorded, they will only remain recorded until the order is successfully completed and deleted from our order list.
If you want to create a customer account, which is the most logical and interesting, if you think you can be, or you are a regular customer, you must click on “Do you want to create an account?” and enter in addition to the customer data, a username and password, which you will use later, every time you place a new order.
Mandatory data marked with a red asterisk must always be filled in. The data without this symbol are not mandatory, and will only be filled in to indicate some instructions in the service preference, such as delivery date and time preference to receive the order, as well as the telephone number of the person in charge of its reception.
It must be clear that these data of preferences, for the date and hour of delivery, do not demand the obligation to Contenedores Mata S.L. to fulfill them with exactitude, at the time of the delivery of the containers.
The CIF / NIF / NIE box will only be completed if an invoice is required for the service provided.
Once you have completed the data and instructions, you can proceed to use the payment method that suits you best when paying for your order.
If you choose payment on delivery, you must pay cash on delivery and at the shipping address.
You can also pay by credit card or Paypal if you have an account.
Shipping is included in the price.
To complete the final step you must accept the terms and conditions.
Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you must click on “Checkout”, and your order will be completed.
This must be confirmed by Contenedores MataS.L, which upon receipt of your request will send you confirmation of shipment, and will also contact you to finalize details.